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Clear Double Wall Glass

Clear Double Wall Glass

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 Double-walled glass set


-This glasses have a sense of beauty and modernity. Very suitable for cafes, restaurants, bars, all occasions or just for everyday life.

-You can experience lightness and enjoyment with the cup set. Let yourself be kidnapped to a modern world by this soft -shaped cup. The double wall keeps your drinks warm for longer and ensures that the outside can be easily touched even when it comes to hot content. Likewise, cold content remain pleasantly cool for longer, even in summer temperatures. A special plus: The resistant borosilicate makes the product very heat -resistant. With this unique cup, show that you have a look for the beautiful. Let yourself be infected by the light and positive attitude to life. The cups are also dishwasher. You can also use them for the microwave.

-Sie get a set consisting of 6 cups here, they are available in different sizes.


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