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For Sun for Protection Pram Parasol Stroller

For Sun for Protection Pram Parasol Stroller

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Sun rain umbrella for the stroller

-The sun can be dangerous in summer, especially for babies. Because your skin is still very thin and does not have its own UV-own protection, you are delivered to the UV radiation without protection-especially since sunscreen is not recommended for children in the first twelve months of life. To a sunburn or sunstroke To avoid only one thing helps: shadow! The parasol offers the best protection.

-The material contains durable, waterproof polyester material, has no harmful smell and is tear -resistant. Therefore, the umbrella is also perfect as an umbrella.

-The rainy screen with removable clamp, bendable handle and waterproof material that offers the large protective area as usual for sun or umbrella-free switching.

-Palized for praise, beach chairs, roller chairs, buggies, etc.

  • Material: aluminum, polyester
  • Color: Black
  • Diameter 80 cm.


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