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Automatic Retractable Pet Leash

Automatic Retractable Pet Leash

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Beautiful, robust Flexileine

- The flexileine should give space to the dog's natural movement and exploration urge, but the dog is still on a leash. It promises a comfortable handling with an integrated stop button for the holder. 

-The unique advantage of the leash is that she gives freedom to the natural urge to explore your beloved four -legged friend, but you still know your pet under control and in safety.

- A flexileine should offer your dog, but above all its people, more convenience and comfort compared to a conventional leash. In this type of leash, humans hold a plastic housing with a handle in their hand. In it, a coil causes the withdrawal and the winding of the stretchy belt strap made of robust nylon. The end of the band is then attached to the dog collar or dishes using a carabiner. The holder can stop taking the leash via a stop button that is located on the housing and determine the leash to a certain length by locking this button.

-Thank of the flexileine is no longer a cable talate.

-The leash is available in different lengths and colors.

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