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Baby Pacifier Clip Wooden

Baby Pacifier Clip Wooden

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 Baby pacifier chain bite ring


-The most important function of the pacifier chain is that she holds the pacifier so loved by the baby thanks to clip on the body or the top of the child, he stays close to the child. The pacifier does not fall on the dirty floor either. This saves you constant cleaning and the lost of the pacifier.

-Ihr baby has the chance to develop further thanks to the pacifier chain. It can practice grasping and learn that it can get the pacifier independently using the pacifier chain.

- The pacifier chain can employ the baby on long journeys in the stroller or long savings. The nipple at the end of the pacifier chain calms your baby. Various colorful pacifiers also attract the child's attention.



- Bite rings are the simplest biting toys, it calms down The tender gums of the baby  .

-bite toys are intended for pain relief and playing.

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