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Bone Leather Durable Pet Collars

Bone Leather Durable Pet Collars

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Exclusive leather dog collar


- With the dog collar you opt for a high -quality, like simple collar that nestles elegantly around the dog halls.

-Exquisite Small bones Dear this comfortable dog collar and lend it Dog collar A particularly lovely appearance. The naturally tanned leather is waterproof and very exhausting.

-Beim purchase of a leather collar is important to know what size the dog collar should have. A dog collar should above all be comfortable. It is therefore important to measure the dog's neck generously. Take in flexible tape And measure the scope of your dog's neck. Measure the dog on the neck, in the Near the shoulders . The collar should be tight, but also comfortable be. As a rule of thumb, there should be 2 fingers between the collar and neck of the dog. A maximum of 5 cm must be added to this length. If necessary, you can also measure the current collar of the dog.

-In various sizes and colors available.

-For the dog collar there is also the right leash at être en vie.


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