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Electric Cat Ball Toys

Electric Cat Ball Toys

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 Electric cat ball


-Discard boredom and overweight: Indoor cats are the most playful and emotional animals. But you need game and training time every day. The electrical cat ball is the best teaser that a cat needs. The automatically rolling ball prevents boredom and helps cats physically fit and mentally active, eliminates boredom and animal depression.

-INTOUNGENTES interactive toys: (1) Normal mode (green display lamp lights up for 3 seconds): After about 5 minutes of operation, it stops automatically; (2) Smart mode (blue display lamp lights up for 3 seconds): If the ball is started, keep the button pressed for a long time to start smart mode; After about 5 minutes it stops automatically; After touch it can be activated again. The package is delivered with a USB charging cable.

-The surface of the ball is wrapped with silicone, the rolling noise is significantly reduced on the floor and when it comes to obstacles, so the daily calm of the owner is not disturbed.




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