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Luxury Marble Travertin Serving Tray

Luxury Marble Travertin Serving Tray

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Luxurious marble plate


-A Extravagant and functional design for modern home. The high-quality travertine plate is characterized by qualified craftsmanship and impeccable quality.

-The product is modern and artistic and therefore fits in every furnishing style.

-Natural marble: The elegant and natural texture of marble allows each stone slab to be used in its unique beauty.

-The plate is very suitable for many foods, fruit, pastries, snacks, coffee, drinks, but also for perfume, jewelry, accessories, candles, cosmetics, keys and all valuables.

-Beid sides are polished by hand and the surface is smooth.

-Travertin is a freshwater limestone stone that has been used in architecture and monuments since early antiquity. This porous natural stone is very durable and constant.

-The marble is susceptible to acid and chemicals. Do not use remedies that are strongly alkaline, contain acid or oils. Also avoid household funds such as lemons and wax, as these also cause stains.

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