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Pet Plush Toys

Pet Plush Toys

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Cuddly, squeaky plush toys 


-A plush cuddly toy is ideal for playing in the apartment. In contrast to the ball, the plush toy is softer and safer, so that your furnishings do not damage and your windows, mirrors, showcases and furniture remain healing and undamaged.

- From now on you will have a balanced and satisfied dog, because a cuddly toy is covered with many needs. 

Cuddly toys come into the life of little dogs in puppy age. And these are also important for the four -legged friends in many ways. So it is quite possible that he Cuddly toy used to open your chewing muscles. In this context, your puppy takes the soft tooth as a tooth aid.

-The cuddly toy can also be a replacement for your presence or attention for your dog.

-The cuddly toy calms your dog emotionally.

-The size is 25cm.

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